Wibaux County Clerk & Recorder: 203 S Wibaux St, Wibaux, MT 59353 (406) 796-2481

Wibaux County Library: 115 Wibaux St N, Wibaux, MT 59359 (406) 796-2452

Pierre Wibaux Museum Complex: 112 E Orgain St, Wibaux, MT 59353 (406) 796-9969

Wibaux Newspapers on Microfilm:  The Montana Historical Society has filmed almost all Montana newspapers. Research requests can be made to allow you access to these films at your local library through Interlibrary Loan:

Montana State Death Records Index
The Montana Bureau of Vital Statistics and the Montana State Genealogical Society established a joint venture to computerize the Pre-1954 death indexes. 1954-2002 data is copy of the database material prepared by the Montana Bureau of Vital Statistics.

The Official Federal Land Patent Records Site
Homestead claims and more are found at the Bureau of Land Management’s site. You can search on your ancestor’s name to find when and where they made their claim.

Montana State Genealogical Society
1930 Federal Census for Montana