WWI Registration Cards, Wibaux Co., MT

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"List transcribed and organized by Ray H. Banks, All rights 

  Copyright, 1998 by Ray H. Banks. This file may be freely copied for non-profit 
        purposes. All other rights reserved.

The information below was abstracted from by Raymond H. Banks from                                                                       
civilian registration cards completed in 1917-1918.  All rights reserved.
Some men do not have birth locations listed because they registered on 
the final draft registration day in 1918 when this information was not 
recorded.  Almost 24 million men registered for the draft.
CAUTION:  Middle Eastern and East European national boundaries and 
country names were quite different than those seen on today's maps.

Microfilm copies of the original cards are maintained by the Church of
Jesus Christ of Latter Days Saints (LDS...the Mormons).  Researchers can 
probably order loaner copies of specific reels from Salt Lake City 
through requests at local LDS family history centers.  Payment for 
mailing costs is required.
Catalog subject heading: UNITED STATES -- MILITARY RECORDS --
WORLD WAR I [although these records are not actually military records].
Orginal cards are kept at the National Archives branch near Atlanta,

The compiler has not abstracted the registrant's address the name and 
address of next of kin,occupation, work address, general physical 
description and occasionally listed general description of a disability.  
Please consult the original card to verify all information.
1ST COLUMN:   NAME                                                                          
2ND COLUMN:  BIRTH DATE                                                                         
3RD COLUMN:  ETHNIC GROUP                                                                         
4TH COLUMN:  BIRTH LOCATION OR OTHER INFO (spelling unreliable)                                                                          

name                          birth          ethnic  birthlocat                    residence
Nelson,Berger W.              29 Dec 1887    W       Rochester MN                  Wibaux  MT
Nelson,Bernhard                2 Jul 1895    W       Eide Nordmor Norway           Wibaux  MT
Nelson,Charles O.             24 Jan 1887            Wyville WI                    Wibaux  MT
Nelson,Edward                 30 Apr 1891    W       Edide Norway                  Wibaux  MT
Nelson,Edward T.              22 Jul 1894    W       Gibbon MN                     Wibaux  MT
Nelson,Ernest Fred            20 Apr 1896    W       Bruce WI                      Wibaux  MT
Nelson,George William         13 Feb 1893    W       Rochester MN                  Wibaux  MT
Nelson,John Ludwig             8 May 1879    W                                     Wibaux  MT
Nelson,Nicholas E.            13 Jun 1887    W       Elverum Norway                Wibaux  MT
Newhard,Milo D.               31 Aug 1886            Kelley IA                     Wibaux  MT
Ngni,Lee Lak                  12 Dec 1875    A       wife lives Sai Ning See China Wibaux  MT
Nix,Lawrence Joseph            9 Apr 1882    W                                     Wibaux  MT
Niziolek,John                 12 Oct 1882    W       naturalized citizen           Wibaux  MT
Nordby,Ole M.                 17 Dec 1896    W       Norway                        Wibaux  MT
Novak,Edward                  16 Aug 1885    W                                     Wibaux  MT
Novak,Joseph                   3 Jan 1885    W                                     Wibaux  MT
Novotny,Joseph Bert           15 Jul 1878    W                                     Wibaux  MT
Nugent,William L.             17 Nov 1877    W       relat. lives Elk City OK      Wibaux  MT
Nunberg,Alfred Adolf           8 Mar 1889    W       Zukono Austria                Wibaux  MT